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Handling custom tags in Android using Html.TagHandler()

12 Jun 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

While working on my app Android app Ken, I needed to render HTML in Android, I was very much delighted when I found out that android's TextView supports HTML rendering and it can be easily achived by converting html into Spannable using Html.fromHtml(<html_Content) method and sending it to TextView's setText method. TextView myTxt = (TextView)findViewById(;...

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Use your Android Phone as a display for Raspberrypi

31 Dec 2012 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

I read this tutorial on how to use your Kindle as a display for your Raspberrypi link, and I thought why not use an Android phone as display and use usb ports on the Raspberry Pi for keyboard and mouse. Things you'll need: Android phone A Raspberry pi What we'll do: We will install VNC...

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