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Mixpanel Tracking in AngularJS

08 Apr 2015 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

For my recent angularJS application, I needed to integrate Mixpanel. I didn’t found any light-weight directives which I could include in the application that would allow me to easily track events using Mixpanel in the application, so I built Mixular. Mixualr is a lightweight angularJS directive which you can use to track events in your...

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AngularJS + Underscore The ultimate web-development toolkit

02 Oct 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

Before starting my latest web-development project I was looking for some robust javascript frameworks that I could use. I was familiar with AngularJS and I loved it, but it doesn't have a lot of utility methods and I was looking for some solution to solve that problem. So, I thought about using underscoreJS, which is...

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