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Better API documentations

28 Jul 2014 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

It is a tedious job to write api documentations, and we have been using word documents and excel spreadsheets to create api documents. But they are difficult to follow and search though, what if there was an easier and cleaner way to create API documents? When I started working on my latest project I was...

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Mastering web-storm

12 Oct 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

I am big fan of sublime text, and I use it extensively. Then I came across WebStorm, I like it and I want to learn more about it, because any craftsman should know how to use his tools effectively. So I was looking for some tutorial and videos on mastering web storm and I came...

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Dead Simple Screen sharing (DSS) - Overview

10 Oct 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

Grab source on GitHub Project site Sometime ago a developed an open-source screen sharing application called as DeadSimpleScreenSharing which allows you to share your screen with anyone right from your browser. It requires you to install an extension, when you click "Share your Screen" button on that extension, it will gives you a unique url...

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Share your entire screen using Chromecast

07 Oct 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

Google's chrome cast allows you to bream content from your computer/phone to TV, and you can play youtube videos, music, etc. It allows also a really nice feature called as tab sharing, it allows you to share your Google chrome tab to the TV. But it doesn't allows you to share your whole screen, in...

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An app every programmer must use

14 Jun 2013 - Mohammed Lakkadshaw

As a programmer I want be constantly updated with technologies/programming languages I use, I want to read tutorials, tips, best practices and wanted to know about new tools and frameworks that are coming, and for that I was constantly asking people about best blogs / websites about Technology-X, and I was also very often bombarded...

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