Use your Android Phone as a display for Raspberrypi

I read this tutorial on how to use your Kindle as a display for your Raspberrypi link, and I thought why not use an Android phone as display and use usb ports on the Raspberry Pi for keyboard and mouse.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Android phone
  2. A Raspberry pi

What we’ll do:

  1. We will install VNC on Android, I am using pocketvnc
  2. Then, we will use USB tethering on Android and connect it to Raspberry pi using USB
  3. Then in the Raspberry pi we will install x11vnc (sudo apt-get install x11vnc) so that we can connect to an exisiting X-Window server and share it using vnc, so that we can use keyboard and mouse connected to raspberry pi.
  4. Change the ip address of raspbery pi sudo ifconfig usb0 (Because android assing IP in USB tether mode in the range 192.168.42.x)
  5. Start the X-Server (if you have not started it alerady) using the startx command.
  6. The share it using x11vnc, type the following command in the terminal: ***sudo x11vnc -display : 0
  7. Then connect to your raspberry pi to Android using the VNC software you have downloaded: port 5900 and IP

I know it is not very detialed tutorial and a bit crude, I will soon post a detialed one with images and video.
Also we could automate a lot stuff on startup using .bash_profile so that we don’t have to type in these commands everytime.
I’ll post all this in the next update.

I would love to hear about you suggestions in the comments.

(Please excuse the typos, I am very excited about this and I want to post it online ASAP, so I am not profreading it.)