Month: July 2019

  • ssh-copy-id: The easiest way to copy ssh keys to another machine

    I wanted to copy ssh keys to the server so that I could log in without requiring to enter the password. To do that typically I would ssh into the server and copy the public key of my laptop the authorized_keys on the remote server. I came across a better way and I realized I […]

  • Disable password prompt when running sudo via SSH

    Recently I came across a problem. I created a deploy script that would SSH into the server and run a bunch of commands, and some of those commands required sudo, but when running commands as sudo presented a password prompt, which was a problem. I solved this by updating the sudoers file in ubuntu. If […]

  • VNC into the tinkerboard with x11vnc

    I wanted to vnc into my tinkerboard, and using the default mac vnc client. I tried different packages, like RealVNC but that has license only for RaspberryPi, then I tried tightvnc but it was not working with the default mac client and getting tigervnc up was also not a smooth process, as it was giving […]

  • Running Jenkins behind NGINX Proxy

    I have a Jenkins server with a private IP address and an NGNIX server with a public IP. I wanted to point the domain for the Jenkins server to the NGINX server and the NGINX server would forward the request the Jenkins server. I got this working through NGINX proxy pass, here is NGNIX configuration […]

  • Running your apps on your own server – This site is running on my own server

    I have two software projects and a bunch of websites and databases running on the internet. They cost me around $1000 /mo. in terms of server cost to run, and I was sick of the slow performance and high costs of the computers running in the cloud. I have been inspired by the Jeff Atwoods […]