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Mohammed Lakkadshaw & Co.

We like to get started

We put together cross-functional teams with skills and experience to deliver a single ,successful outcome: software your customers will love. Most importantly, you'll be a part of that team, from Day One. We'll build your product, test it and will continue to refine it until it is perfect.

We work with both early stage startups with a napkin stretch and a dream and with establish companies looking to expand into new markets or improve their position in an existing one. Mohammed Lakkadshaw & Co. has launched dozens of successful products for Fortune 500 companies, as well as venture backed silicon valley startups.

How We Work

Ship early. Ship often.

We'll work with you in week-long sprints, monitoring performance and user experience, and iterating often to optimize your product.

We work within a set of rigorous coding standards and focus on building elegant, simple, and flexible solutions-the kind that your customers will love to use.

People Powered.

Our commitment to 100% in-house delivery reduces friction while ensuring quality and accountability. A dedicated team is assembled for each project, based on our client's existing strengths and desired outcomes.

We even rearrange our office to group members of the same team together.


The more closely we can work together, the more likely it is that we deliver working software faster.

Our daily stand up meetings review the work we've done, the work we're doing and the roadblocks that stand in our way.

As each piece of your product is deliverd, you can easily review, approve, or comment on the fly.

What we're good at:

Building Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and API's.

Designing Websites, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps.

AngularJS, NodeJS, Ionic, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, Android.