An app every programmer must use

As a programmer I want be constantly updated with technologies/programming languages I use, I want to read tutorials, tips, best practices and wanted to know about new tools and frameworks that are coming, and for that I was constantly asking people about best blogs / websites about Technology-X, and I was also very often bombarded with the questions like: What are the best Python blogs? or What are the best ruby on rails blogs? and What’s the best IDE for java development? etc.

But there is no solution available to get all this information in one place, so I thought of developing one: I call it Ken.

It is an Android app which keeps you updated with the latest programming news, you have to select your interests e.g: Node, Python, Javascript, Android etc. and it will show you all the latest news related to these technologies.

Ken is tool which I needed badly and I think a lot of other people can benefit from it, so if you are having the same problem which I had: Try Ken

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