How to make better decisions

After reading this post you will not instantly become a good decision-maker, but in this blog post, I will introduce you to a technique, that if you choose to adopt it, it will make you a good decision maker after some years of using it.

This technique is to write down whenever you are making a decision

  1. Write down the decision that you are making
  2. Write down the expected outcome of the decision
  3. Add a heading 6-month review
  4. Add a heading 12-month review
  5. Create 6-month and 12-month reminders and review the decision

If you want to go full throttle also add a heading 10-year review.

Then set a reminder, I typically use Evernote for this, I have a notebook in Evernote dedicated to this, I create a note in the notebook for each big decision that I am making and set a reminder to remind me after 6-months and after 12-months to write down the actual outcome, then I also write down the learning I got from that.

By doing this over the years you will have a great record of your right and wrong decisions when you go over them our incredible brain has the ability to seek patterns in the decisions and you will be able to realize in making what type of decisions you are good at and where you suck and the pitfalls you fall into, and you will be able to greatly improve your decision making ability.

Let me know in the comments your ideas and suggestions regarding the above approach.






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